Ready to Ride Pelotonia 2015

Ready to Ride Pelotonia 2015 | Blog from the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Pelotonia 2015 is almost here and Team ASC is fired-up. This year, Team ASC celebrates its fifth year as a subpeloton: made up of a great cross section of faculty, staff and students across the college, along with more “friends” than ever, which is terrific! We welcome anyone who wants to participate in this remarkable effort to raise money for cancer research.

This is only my second year as a rider, so I would be remiss if I did not give a special shout-out to Terry Bradley, whose involvement goes back to 2009, Pelotonia’s first year. She captains Team ASC, serves on Team Buckeye’s Advisory Council and inspires us all.

I want to recognize and applaud everyone involved:

Riding with me: Doug Alsdorf, Peter and Terry Bradley, Will Cantara, Mette Ibba, Jane Jackman, Andy Leber, Harvey Miller, Caitlin Naber, Marcie Naber, Josh Platt, Nancy Santagata, Matt Stoltzfus, Dianna Williams, Joe McEwen, Bingxuan Liu

“Virtual” Riders: Steve Naber, Cydney Platt, Sophie Platt, Camelia Selcu. They may not ride bikes, but ride with us all the same, helping with fundraising every mile of the way.

Volunteers: Judy Gallucci, Charles Gallucci, Melanie Holbert, Rick Holbert, Kelly Snow, Lindsey Thaler. Pelotonia just doesn’t happen without them.

Everyone benefits from the money raised — every cent going toward cancer research. The research of many of our faculty and their students is receiving support. For example, molecular geneticist Susan Cole was just awarded a 2015 Pelotonia Idea Grant for her work, with college of medicine colleague Ichiro Nakano, on stem cells’ role in brain tumor development and spread. This project could lead to future treatment modalities in glioma.

Join us in helping ending cancer!

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