Scarlet, Gray and Boom: Celebrating Arts and Science’s High-Impact Research

Scarlet, Gray and Boom: Celebrating Arts and Science’s High-Impact Research | Blog from the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Let’s raise a glass, ring in the new fiscal year and celebrate Arts and Sciences researchers and scholars.

The numbers are in; in FY15, ASC received 654 awards, totaling $94,543,951 — a 15% increase over FY14. We received funding from a healthy cross section of research partners: major federal agencies, the state of Ohio, private agencies and colleges and universities. It’s no particular surprise that the largest slices were awarded by NSF: 34.66% and NIH, 19.02%. We are grateful for every slice, large and small. They make the wheels of discovery go round.

During the past six months, an astounding array of senior faculty and rising stars have received top honors and awards and high profile, high impact (frequently interdisciplinary) research grants that also impact education and outreach initiatives.

A sample illustrating the power of the talent amassed in the arts and sciences:


Five ASC researchers kicked-off 2015 with major awards:


Plant Ecologist Andi Wolfe and Statistician Laura Kubatko, 3-yr, $758, 208 NSF grant


Physicist Tin-Lun Ho and Psychologist Roger Ratcliff elected members of the elite American Academy of Arts and Sciences


Chemist Joshua Goldberger won his field’s top honor for young researchers: a $75,000 Camille-Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award; Molecular Genetics Professor Hay-Oak Park, a 4-yr, $1.2 M NIH grant


Began with the Board of Trustees conferring the permanent title of Ohio State’s three 2015 Distinguished University Professors — all call ASC home:

Next, Chemist Robert Baker received Ohio State’s first, 5-yr, $150,000/year, DOE Early Career Award …

The rest followed like firecrackers lighting up the night sky …

Kudos, everyone.

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  1. Just a small correction: I am a plant evolutionary biologist (plant systematist is the correct label) in the Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology.

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