All around the Oval, celebrating #BuckeyeLove

All around the Oval, celebrating #BuckeyeLove | Blog from the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

The university’s new video, Celebrating #BuckeyeLove features Buckeyes sharing why they love Ohio State. It got me thinking.

What do I love about Ohio State?

So many things (really, what’s not to love?), yet I always come back to the Oval — for many reasons:

  • The Oval trees
  • The Long Walk
  • William Oxley Thompson standing sentinel in front of “his” library
  • Mirror Lake
  • The sweep of green space with paths perfectly laid out to take you where you want to go, and
  • The infinite variety of sights, sounds and people you meet as you are going there

All around the Oval I see a picture dear to me — the academic heart of the university.

Every academic building, old or new, is occupied by ASC departments and centers:

  • Three are historic; two are the oldest (built, 1893) on campus: Hayes Hall with its famous “whispering” arch; Orton Hall, housing Orton Geological Museum, founded by Ohio State’s first president, Edward Orton, Sr., and the ever-present Orton chimes, marking Ohio State’s time for exactly one hundred years today, Feb. 11, 2015; and University Hall — a replica of Ohio State’s first stately structure — and the place I call home.
  • Newer Oval buildings — Derby, Hopkins, Mendenhall
  • Two anchoring the north side of the Oval — Hughes and Hagerty

This is the center of my Buckeye love, but it doesn’t end there, just as the arts and sciences doesn’t end at the Oval.

We move with the times; our footprint extends to all corners of campus.

The love keeps growing.

What is your Buckeye Love?

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