ASC is Online, Onstage, On-Point

New technology offers unlimited potential for reaching untapped audiences, educating the public, making the unknown — no matter how esoteric — a little more known.

ASC faculty, postdocs, alumni, graduate and undergraduate students are grabbing microphones, taking the stage, launching blogs and exploring the full possibilities of social media, widening the doors for engagement.

Here’s a sample:

“Ask a Spaceman!” Paul Sutter, Center for Cosmology and Astro-Particle Physics postdoc, asks the public to post questions on Facebook or Twitter: his “down-to-earth” answers are available on iTunes.

A savvy site for history buffs, Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective: in-depth articles by leading experts, timely podcasts and book reviews; along with Connecting History, the newest, coolest links to history stuff across the web — educates a growing audience — on all continents.

Who’s Afraid of Public Speaking? Not these eight ASC faculty, students and alumni selected to share their diverse perspectives on “The Human Narrative,” at the 4th Annual TEDxOhioStateUniversity event, Feb. 14:

  • John Beacom, internationally-known astrophysicist and neutrino hunter, popular teacher of introductory courses, a leader in making science accessible;
  • David R. Ewoldsen, communication and psychology, studies cooperative video game play, persuasion, racism, narrative and entertainment;
  • Andrea G. Grottoli, as part of her research on the impact of global change on coral reefs, the acclaimed Earth scientist has lived in a submersible habitat on the seafloor;
  • Richard Petty, named one of the modern era’s most influential psychologists, focuses on automatic and deliberative factors responsible for influencing people’s attitudes, decisions and behaviors;
  • Emmanuel Dzotsi, political science, communications double major, TBDBITL member, produced his first full-length feature film, Steal Away, in 2014; then created Petrichor, an online art-curation website;
  • Marisa McGrath; international relations; women’s, gender and sexuality studies double major; works with Girl’s Circle Project providing mentoring and strong role models to young girls in the community;
  • Damian Beauchamp, chemistry doctoral student, co-founder of multiple-award winning Kair Battery/Energy Systems LLC; named to Forbes’ 2015 30 Under 30 Energy;
  • Lisa Cravens-Brown, senior lecturer, psychology, 2014 Provost’s Award for Distinguished Teaching by a Lecturer, is a triple alumna — BA, MA, PhD — in clinical child psychology;
  • Charles W. Noble III, BA, sociology and criminology, program manager, Boys & Men of Color Initiative, Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, directs a pilot program designed to address pervasive social issues on Columbus’s south side.

Finally, a quick shout-out to Science Sundays, our free, public lecture series. Three lectures remain in season four; check them out!

Kudos to everyone who makes us great!

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