In a season of giving thanks, 10 things I’m thankful for …

Naturally, there are many more than ten — family, friends, good health are foundational to my well-being; however, to give a full account of my blessings would take a book, not a blog.

In a rare, quiet moment of reflection, 10 things came to mind that make a difference in my day, in my life:

  1. Learning Something New — every single day
  2. Meeting Amazing People — inspiring, energizing, challenging
  3. A View of the Oval — a place of great beginnings
  4. Leading a Vibrant College — with unlimited reach
  5. Extraordinary Colleagues — caring, sharing, lending a hand
  6. Living in Buckeye Nation — where the impossible is possible
  7. Generous Alumni and Friends — unstinting in their support
  8. Infinite Opportunities — for engagement, lasting impact
  9. Connecting with Our Students — donuts smooth the way
  10. Those Quiet Moments — few, far between, invaluable

I am thankful to be at Ohio State where making such a list is so easy to do.

What are you thankful for?

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