Celebrating Research across the arts and sciences

Celebrating Research all across the arts and sciences | Blog from the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

October has been designated “Research Month” at Ohio State, although research is built into the fabric of our Top-10 public research institution yearlong. In fact, research is the driving force of any aspirational university.

Research is not exclusive to any one discipline, but creates new knowledge; solves countless problems large and small; drives creativity, innovation AND our economy — and keeps us moving forward in all areas of human endeavor.

Throughout this month, in our weekly e-newsletter, News & Updates, and in our webpages, we will focus on a different area of research, inquiry and investigation because all across the arts and sciences — from social examination to cultural exploration, from research in art, design and performance to biomedical research and basic science — significant, life-changing, life-affirming research is going on.

Our faculty and their students are creating original works of art, research and scholarship; solving critical problems, expanding human knowledge and inspiring the world to see, think and create in new ways.

Our thirty-eight departments, schools and programs and 20 world-class research centers form a front line of multidisciplinary, collaborative partnerships forged to make a distinctive difference worldwide.

On a smaller scale, all of us engage in research every day. This is how we navigate successfully through life. How we choose a new doctor, buy a new car, pick a political candidate, and even decide on the latest movie to download.

Let’s think about that — all month.

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