Welcome Back: Buttons, Bags and Donuts with the Dean

Students, students everywhere — as far as the eye can see, which was not very far — as students jammed the arts and sciences table at the Student Involvement Fair this past Sunday.

ASC Bags/David Manderscheid interacting with students

Today, classes begin and with them, new friends, connections, opportunities and adventures.

Welcome to a new academic year.

Each year, before the start of term, Ohio State hosts the Student Involvement Fair on the Oval. What a great way to give our incoming students a warm Buckeye Welcome. There is, literally, something for everyone. If it’s happening, it’s happening bigger and better at Ohio State. No one ever leaves thinking they landed at the wrong place!

Virtually every inch of the Oval is crammed with booths and tables set up, offering information, resources, freebies and friendship.

The College of Arts and Sciences — the academic heart of Ohio State — naturally plays a central part in this exuberant day of discovery. Nearly all of these students will be taking our GE courses, if not majoring or minoring in one of our 100 + programs.

So, there we were: ASC Communications Services staff, myself and some wonderful faculty volunteers — Josh Goldberger from chemistry and biochemistry; Beverly Moss from English; Dave Steigerwald from history; and from astronomy, our brand-new Planetarium Director Wayne Schlingman — helping our majors find the buttons representing their areas, answering their questions, handing out ASC bags — or in Schlingman’s case — pitching them to those who couldn’t get close to the table. (What an arm that man has.)

Everyone wants a bag, but it’s the bright colored buttons (which by the way, won a top national design award this past spring) that they will stand in line for.

It’s a great way to put a human face on Ohio State’s largest college, engage and start conversations with our students. They will continue throughout the year, especially September 19 at the first Donuts with the Dean.

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