Pelotonia: From Starting Line to Finish Line, a most exhilarating experience

You're the "Man"derscheidI’ve cycled for years and years and miles and miles, mostly in glorious solitude.

So nothing prepared me for the experience of getting on my bike and heading out in the company of thousands of other riders, many of them arts and sciences colleagues – faculty, staff, students – all of us united by a common goal.

It was especially gratifying to be riding with some exceptional arts and sciences undergraduates – recipients of 2014-15 Pelotonia Undergraduate Fellowships – whose innovative research projects seek to help put an end to cancer.

These twenty-two fellowship winners exemplify the best of Ohio State and the College of Arts and Sciences. All were either riders or virtual riders. They, and all my fellow riders and those who supported our rides and cheered us along the way, made me feel proud and humble to be a part of this great ride.

This year I rode 50 miles and enjoyed it so much that next year I plan on going 100 miles!

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