Summer is here … savor it

Columbus skyline before Red, White and Boom

It does not take long to fall in love with Ohio State and the city of Columbus. For me, it happened as soon as I landed last summer.

Summer is a great time for arrivals and welcomes. Ohio State’s 15th president, Dr. Michael Drake took over the reins last week and I was delighted to help welcome him. From what I have seen to-date, President Drake “feels the love.” Totally at home in Buckeye Nation, he is fully engaged in putting his visionary leadership skills to work on its behalf.

I enjoy being on campus and living downtown at all seasons, but never more than during summer.

With summer comes a (relatively) slower pace, sunshine (most days) and seasonal foods—no qualifiers here—fresh produce abounds. I purchase mine at the Farmers Market just outside North Market every Saturday morning.

I love to eat and to cook and this is my favorite time of year to do both. I have been working my way steadily through the succulent strawberries, raspberries and blueberries; asparagus, lettuces, peas and green beans and impatiently await that glorious fruit—and my favorite—tomatoes.

When they appear, I often make the perfect summer supper—caprese salad—lovely, perfect tomatoes; fresh mozzarella, basil, a little salt and pepper and olive oil—the colors of the Italian flag—beautiful to look at, pure heaven to eat!

I grew up in a home with a fantastic backyard garden and thus the freshest possible produce. That combined with my father’s trips to the farmers’ markets has influenced how I cook and eat. Along with the occasional donut with our students, I find this a simple, satisfying, healthful way to eat.

Our choice to live in downtown Columbus was based on the desire to have a vibrant, big-city experience that was within walking distance. I have not been disappointed. I still delight in my neighborhood with its small, locally-owned shops, skyscrapers and business bustle, riverfront and bike paths, theaters and restaurants, unique galleries and sports and entertainment venues—and just a quick commute to campus.

One of the first things I discovered last summer? The city’s best view of Red, White & Boom was from our own balcony. I watch those incredible fireworks and know we made the perfect choice in joining Buckeye Nation.

Life is good.

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