The Place to Be: the Arts and Sciences at Ohio State

Difficult to believe, but I have now been at Ohio State for nearly six months.

From Day One, I felt at home. The city of Columbus is a vibrant hub of cultural and intellectual activity, and like Ohio State, it is ever-changing, constantly evolving, and has something for everyone.

For me, an ardent bicyclist and pretty good amateur cook, it offers miles of scenic bike trails and food emporia to satisfy the pickiest gourmet cook. If you need an exotic ingredient, or first-rate produce, you can find it. If you’re tired of the same five-mile stretch, there are endless others to explore.

On what is arguably the largest campus in the country, it is not hard to get lost—but it is easy to get found. Friendly, helpful students, staff and faculty are ever eager to provide directions, guidance, advice, and great big smiles.

The size of Ohio State is one of its many advantages; it provides opportunities of scale and scope, nearly unlimited resources for students, scholars, and researchers across a staggering diversity of disciplines.

The arts and sciences alone is nearly a university within a university. Larger than many universities, our 38 departments and nearly 40 centers, institutes, museums, and specialized facilities accommodate learning and discovery at an almost unimaginable level and accelerated pace.

Since I stepped on the Oval, I have been on my own journey of discovery—to try to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible about a place that never stays in the same place.

Thus far, I have managed to get my feet wet in as many different places as possible:

  • I visited the top of the 12th Avenue Garage to see and smell one of the world’s rarest events: the blooming of a Titan Arum in the Biological Sciences Greenhouse.
  • I greeted incoming students at the Student Involvement Fair in August;
  • Was “star-struck” at the grand reopening of the Ohio State Planetarium in early October;
  • Got the VIP tour of the new CBEC building;
  • Had the opportunity to visit the newly renamed Center for Languages, Literatures and Cultures;
  • Danced Downtown;
  • And, of course, cheered on our Buckeyes and TBDBTL at every game.

Happy holidays—hope you have a wonderful break.
See you in January!

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