Help Fund Solar Energy Project in Rural Nepal

A small group of entrepreneurs and volunteers are getting a solar micro-grid project off the ground for a rural community in western Nepal.  This project will provide electrical power to Dubung, a remote farming region. This project will provide power for schools, homes, and general use that will help the region be less dependent on burning of wood and fossil fuels. This project can then be scaled for similar projects in rural areas in Nepal that have not been connected with regular electric/power sources.

Please visit this IndiGoGo page to donate whatever you can. Even a small donation will go a very long way.  Deadline for this is February 01, 2015.

The members of this project have researched and worked on solar energy for over a decade. They have partnered with several other groups in Nepal and India on various successful solar projects.

Read more about the use and success of Solar Micro Grids here



Solar Microgrids; MIT Technology Review  –
Images courtesy of GhamPower (Nepal) –


Videconferencing with AUC (Egypt)

On November 12 and 19, Ohio State students in Professor Katherine Borland’s Global Folklore course had 2-part video-conference conversation with students from Prof. Riham Bahi’s class at the American University of Cairo. Conversations spurred form 2 movies: ‘The Yacoubian Building’ and ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’. More details here at the OSU Comparative Studies website.

OSU and AUC student