All About Me!


My name is Mallory Reed and I am a senior majoring in Integrated Language Arts and minoring in World Literature. Upon graduation, I will be licensed to teach English Language Arts in grades 7-12 in the state of Ohio. I am originally from Norwalk, Ohio; a small town near the Cedar Point Amusement Park. I love to try new foods and am trying different restaurants all around Columbus during my time at Ohio State. I am a cat person and am looking forward to graduating so that I can adopt a kitten and become a crazy cat lady again. I love to read and am interested in history as well. 

I am currently student teaching at a suburban high school in the Columbus area. In the spring, I will be a full-time teacher in my classroom and be in charge of teaching Honors English II and Speech. In the midst of lesson planning and methods courses, I am constantly on the lookout for diverse literature to read and use in my future classroom. 

As a professional, I am working to ensure that I refine my organizational skills and am able to teach my future students’ self-regulation and monitoring skills that they can use in their lives. I am always looking for articles to read about making school more inclusive and relatable for students of all backgrounds and identities.