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In a world of updated and newer forms of technology being released each day, learners have to adapt to continue success. This is especially applicable in an online course or class that does not have a physical meeting component. For this reason, note-taking and online learning management can feel overwhelming. Never fear, for digital technologies are here! Below is a list of some technologies that are useful in being a more efficient and organized learner.


  • Evernote

One strategy that I found interesting and useful that was introduced during this course was Evernote. I have not used this technology but I like how user-friendly it is and the level of creative freedom the interface gives users. I think the context I would use this in would be in future meetings I will attend as a teacher and in keeping track of my Master’s level coursework once I begin my desired program. I find this technology to also be something I could use across multiple forms of technology to ensure that I could access my notes from any setting I was in. Additionally, just browsing the site and starting some notebooks I found there to be a multitude of different templates I could use in my academic, professional, and personal life. I will definitely be using Evernote during the rest of the semester and in my teaching career.

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  • Mendeley

One digital note-taking technology that works for me is Mendeley. This is helpful in taking digital notes because you can upload course readings from a variety of formats and place them in your library. This technology allows you to highlight, write notes on the side margin, and get the citation for a given article. I find this technology to be very helpful when taking notes on the questions I am having as I am reading texts and allowing me to contain all my notes and thoughts. In a lot of my classes, we have to create annotated bibliography entries for each of our assigned readings so this technology is very helpful. Additionally, a note-taking strategy that is useful is annotated bibliography readings for assigned texts because they can include a citation, keywords, summary, quotations, and questions.


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