John Maharry

Assistant Dean of Academic Opportunities and
Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
The Ohio State University.

OSU Marion campus.

Morrill Hall 116

As Assistant Dean of Academic Opportunities for our campus, my responsibilities include increasing opportunities for students to pursue on-campus majors and minors, internships, service learning as well as Honors Programming and Undergraduate Research. I work as a liaison between faculty and numerous offices on campus to increase participation in and visibility of theses opportunities.

My research is broadly focused on describing structures within graphs or networks and exploiting those structures to answer questions about the overall network. In his research, graphs or networks are systems of nodes with links (or edges) connecting them.  Examples are all around including computer networks, electrical circuits, social networks, organizational networks, chemical reactions and molecular structures.  Abstract network models can also be applied to solve scheduling, matching,  epidemiology and diffusion problems.

In particular, my research deals with graph decompositions, tree-structures, surface embeddings and minor- and topological-inclusions of graphs.