Project Nature Lecture Series

There’s a great deal of talk and discussion about climate change, but there’s not much talk about the solutions; in particular, what an individual could do. So, the Project Nature Lecture Series is dedicated to informing of the many ways in which one could get involved through the several opportunities available and make a significant and meaningful contribution towards fighting climate change.

Science Behind Global Warming | What You Can Do About It: The Power of Citizen Science

February 13, 2019 4:15 PM E001 Scott Lab

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Join for this two-part seminar to learn how the greenhouse gases cause global warming, followed by what actions you can take and the opportunities available to get involved and contribute towards combating the adverse effects of global warming

Science Behind Global Warming | Speaker: Prof. Sandip Mazumder

What You Can Do About It – The Power of Citizen Science | Speaker: Rajat Saksena