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In the fast moving urban life, often we get so carried away and engrossed with our daily lives that we lose our connection with nature. We may not consciously realize it but our body and soul longs for that connection – whether it be in the form of a serene vista of a natural landscape, a natural body of water, or simply a sight of a pretty bird or a butterfly. We tend to think that in order to find nature, we need to fly to someplace far or at least drive outside the concrete jungles of the city. While it’s true that the ever-increasing human development of cities has shrunk our natural areas, we would be grossly mistaken in thinking that one can’t find nature within the city. This erroneous notion makes us overlook or ignore the amazing beauty of nature we have within our cities – right in our backyards!

We are lucky to be living in a city that has so much to offer! Columbus has 19 Metro Parks – each offering a different landscape and environment. In addition to just visiting one of those parks to enjoy a good hike along the many trails or simply relax in the midst of nature, the parks also host lots of exciting public programs – both recreational and educational – throughout the year as well as opportunities to get involved. The Scenic Rivers Program of Ohio Department of Natural Resources holds several fun activities such as kayaking, creeking, paddle-boarding, etc. All such public programs are free! Even kayaks and paddle boards are provided for free. And there’s still more!

So, in Project Nature newsletter, which is published monthly, we’ll be informing about the upcoming activities and opportunities in and around the city. That format is simple. It will list different programs that are scheduled over the coming weeks, followed by a short article about some interesting fact related to nature.

Another program under the Project Nature initiative is the Brown Bag Lunch at Mirror Lake. It’s an informal educational event held at Mirror Lake at lunch time. We invite an expert in a particular field each time to lead the program. Bring your lunch to the Browning Amphitheater and join us to learn about the natural world around you!

For volunteering opportunities to get involved with conservation efforts through various citizen science projects, visit Project Nature – Get Involved!

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