May Newsletter 2022

In this issue:

  • 2022 4-H Calendar & Upcoming Events
  • 4-H Project Guidelines and Other Information
  • 4-H Cloverbud Camp
  • Sheep, Goat, and Swine Tag In – Due May 7!
  • Animal Project Specific Information – PLEASE READ
  • Livestock Skillathon Reminder
  • Livestock Quality Assurance Dates and RSVP – Due May 15
  • Fair Related Awards and Opportunities – Outstanding Exhibitor, Royalty and Ambassadors
  • Scholarship Reminders
  • Fair Reminders – Fair Book and Schedule Available.
  • Fair Entries – Coming Soon! Due June 1
  • Jr. Fair Sale Reminders
  • State Opportunities

2022 4-H Calendar – Mark Dates NOW!

The 2022 4-H calendar is available here:

Please mark down important dates with your families NOW!(Rally Night, Judging days, SKILLATHON, etc.)

    • June 1 – Jr. Fair Entries due
    • June 4-8 – 4-H Camp
    • June 21 and 29 – Livestock Skillathons (REQUIRED TO ATTEND ONE, NO EXCEPTIONS!)
    • July 9-16 – Madison County Fair

We provide this calendar so that you can plan ahead. RARELY are big dates changed so that you can plan around family vacations, sporting events, etc. Please make these a priority as a lot of planning and volunteer time goes into these events. Make up options and extensions are few and far between for required things when we sent the schedule out several months in advance 🙂

*Note that these dates are subject to change, and some may be added. Check back regularly for updates.

Upcoming Events: View the full calendar here

*2022 Calendar Available at the link above! 

*Fair schedule for 2022 posted at

May 1 – All horse, alpaca, and dairy projects owned and leased and in possession of 4-H & FFA members with lease agreements submitted to the Extension office. All market project animals owned and/or in possession. 

May 5 – Livestock Quality Assurance (via Zoom) – 7:00-8:30pm -RSVP at

May 7 – Sheep, Goat, and Swine Tags are due ONLINE ONLY (no in-person tag or collection)

May 7 – Rabbit Showmanship Clinic – 10am

May 12 – Livestock Quality Assurance (Coughlin Building) -6:30-8:00pm -RSVP at

May 19 – Broiler Chick Pick Up – 2:00-5:00pm

May 19 – RABBIT: Deadline to register/submit pictures of market rabbit meat pen litters (send to

May 27 – Cloverbud Camp Registration Due

May 30 – Office Closed, Memorial Day

June 1 – Fair Entries due

June 4-8 – 4-H Camp


4-H Project Guidelines & Other Information

As you begin to work on your projects for 2022, check out some of our resources available! We have a project guidelines document that outlines every 4-H project and the basic requirements available at 

For SPECIAL INTEREST PROJECTS, you can find additional resources, judging information, clinics, etc. at

For LIVESTOCK PROJECTS, you can find the project resources, fair information, clinics, skillathon information, and more at 

Project Books – Purchase the 4-H Project Record Book for your species/project and the Resource Handbook if applicable (available in our office for purchase or online at (Livestock projects must purchase the 4-H project book for their first year)

  • 2nd year livestock and beyond: (not equine, alpaca, dogs, or small animals) – utilize project book AND add record via the printable Livestock Project Record Book (will be checked for skillathon). You can print at home or pick up from our office for FREE

Fair Entries – Due June 1. Required if you want to exhibit your project at the fair. Watch for the link to be live around the first week of May here: FairEntry Link

4-H Cloverbud Day Camp!

Overnight camp is full!

Cloverbud Day Camp – June 24, 2022!

Theme: Fantastic Five – Exploring Our Senses!

Registration online available at: 

In order to complete registration, complete online registration form and payment by May 27th. Camper health form & COVID Acknowledgement statement are due back to our office by June 3. Camp will be limited to the first 40 Cloverbuds to register.

Cost: $40/CamperPayment accepted: Credit Card (will be redirected to credit card payment automatically from registration). Checks can be accepted is necessary, but credit card payment is preferred.




Market and Breeding Sheep & Goats – Tag In ONLINE – May 7

Submit your tag at See below for direct links for breeding and market lambs and goats.

*There is NO in-person tag or weigh in! Physicaly tags for market animals will be available for pick up in the Extension Office to tag prior to fair on your own. A list of taggers will also be available if you cannot do it yourself.

4-H and FFA members must submit pictures of each animal that they wish to take as a project and be eligible, upon project completion, to exhibit at the Madison County Fair.  Animals must be in the member’s possession by May 1.  The identification form for sheep, goats, and swine must be submitted by 11:59pm on May 7. This form must include the information for EACH animal the member would like to identify.
This form registers your animal as a part of your project only.  You must also enter your animals for the fair using the online Fair Entry system by June 1.

Items you will need:
– Scrapies tag number for each animal
– Photo of scrapies tag for each animal
– Profile photo of each animal



Swine Ear Notch & Photos Due May 7

Submit your tag at See below for direct links for Swine

All swine exhibitors must submit ear notches and headshot photo by May 7 to the Extension Office

Ear Notch forms and additional info can be found here:

4-H and FFA members must submit pictures of each animal that they wish to take as a project and be eligible, upon project completion, to exhibit at the Madison County Fair.  Animals must be in the member’s possession by May 1.  The identification form must be submitted by 11:59pm on May 7.  Swine members may identify up to 6 market pigs.  Only 4 market pigs may be exhibited at the Madison County Fair.  This form must include the information for EACH pig the member would like to identify.

This form registers your swine as a part of your project only.  You must also enter your swine for the fair using the online Fair Entry system by June 1.

Swine Tag & Identification form: 

  • What you need:
    • Ear Notch number
    • Head picture showing ear notches clearly
    • Profile picture showing colors and markings of hog

Rabbit Updates  – Market Pen Photo Submissions

**NEW THIS YEAR: All market rabbit meat pen exhibitors must submit photos of brood doe and litters before the June 1 deadline (see details below)

  • April 14 – Deadline to register/submit pictures of brood doe for market rabbit meat pens (send to
  • May 19 – Deadline to register/submit pictures of market rabbit meat pen litters (send to

Rabbit Guidelines can be found at:


Animal Specific Information

Emails were sent to all families in early April will all details pertaining to your animal project. See below for a link to view that email message. Please review for details of what is required of your project!

**Click here for a quick synopsis of Livestock requirements for each species: Livestock Project Information 2022



Livestock Skillathon – Study Guides Available

Skillathon takes place on June 21st and 29th. Families will receive assigned times for youth needing to complete skillathon. Livestock Skillathons are required for the following projects in order to exhibit at the county fair: Beef, Dairy, Alpaca, Dog, Equine, Goat, Sheep, Poultry, Rabbit, and Swine Projects.

Visit for information such study guides, skillathon format, practice skillathons, etc.: Skillathon Resources  



Livestock Quality Assurance

To be eligible for participation in the Madison County Junior Fair, potential youth exhibitors must participate in one of the following Quality Assurance Education Programs. The deadline to complete QA Education for the Madison County Fair is May 15, 2022. Parent participation is required for exhibitors under 16 or first year exhibitors.

4-H & FFA Members in these projects must attend Quality Assurance Education:  All Dairy Cattle, Market & Dairy Goats, Breeding Goats, Market, Breeding, Pet Rabbits, Beef (Mkt. Steers, Beef Feeders, Breeding Beef), Dairy Feeder Calves, Market and Breeding Swine, Breeding and Market Sheep, all Market and Fancy poultry. Horses, Dogs, Alpacas, Cats, and Cavies do not need to complete QA training.

Session options are listed below. Mark your calendar to attend ONE! Sign ups are available NOW at

  • May 5th, 7:00-8:30pm – Virtually via Zoom
  • May 12th, 6:30-8:30pm – Coughlin Building

If you cannot attend the above dates, there are options for an online QA through YQCA. Contact the extension office for details. It does cost roughly $12 to complete. You can also reach out to surrounding counties to complete this.

Awards and Opportunities – Outstanding Exhibitor and Jr. Fair Royalty

Outstanding Exhibitor Applications (All due June 15)

These are a great way to be recognized for your hardwork in your species! Fill out the form and turn into the Extension Office by June 15!

Apply for Madison County Jr. Fair Royalty or Ambassadors by June 15 at

Represent the Madison County Fair in your species or department or as royalty! Applications are due June 15. Follow the link above for more details on requirements and dates and deadlines!




County Level Scholarship Opportunities

  • Green Range 4-H Club Livestock Scholarship – Due July 1
  • Bob Clawson Poultry Scholarship – Due June 15

Craft Show – May 14 – 4-H Tack Sale Opportunity

4-H members with extra show supplies and tack can sell their items at the Craft Show at the fairgrounds on May 14 from 10:00am-4:00pm. If you would like to just donate items, all proceeds made from sale will be used for small animal barn improvements.

If you would like to keep profit, there is a $10 vendor fee and you must stay at the Craft Show to collect your monies.

Questions? Contact Judy Gallimore at 740-506-4025.


2022 Madison County Fair Schedule and Fair Book Available!

The 2022 Madison County Fair schedule and Fair Book is posted at

Please review the schedule and your species guidelines!

Fair entry link will be live in a couple weeks!

Jr. Fair Sales Committee Update – FAQ’s!

Curious about how the sale will work this year? Check out this list of Frequently Asked Questions for the Jr. Fair Sale! 

Livestock Committee Members Needed!

We want YOU to consider joining the Small Animal or Large animal committees, or Horse Committee!  This is a great opportunity to get involved to help make the Jr. Fair programs great!

Contact the Jr. Fair Coordinator at to get on the mailing list for meeting dates.

The 3 Committees are:

  • Equine Committee (has been in place for several years, If interested, contact Colleen Martin at for information on meetings times, dates, etc.)
  • Small Animal/Specialty: includes rabbit, poultry, dog, alpaca, and small animal
  • Large Animal Committee: Includes beef, dairy, swine, goat, and sheep!

Responsibilities of these committees will include:

  • Species specific rule recommendations to JFB (timely and accurate oversight and revisions)
  • Judge recommendations
  • Develop and maintain volunteers
  • Fundraising/Budget
  • Fair format/show bill/arena and facility set up
  • Assist extension office with skillathons


Be sure to check for the most recent state 4-H information and follow the “Ohio State – 4-H Youth Development” Facebook page!

Stay Connected! –

Now more than ever it’s time for 4-H’ers to make the best better! While youth are at home and staying safe, we still want you to stay connected. Below are links to activities for youth and resources for volunteers. Check back frequently for additional links and program updates!

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