Being a 4-H Volunteer

Interested in becoming a 4-H Volunteer? Check out these testimonials from just 2 of our 130+ amazing volunteers! Contact the Madison County Extension Office to learn more about the volunteer selection process and opportunities available!

Savannah Brock, Madison County 4-H Alumni and Volunteer 

I fell in love with 4-H in 1991 when I moved to Madison County. I was from the city but my dad grew up on a small family farm and he wanted us to have the same experience that he did. I sure am glad I moved out here and joined 4-H. I took many projects over my years in 4-H some I liked more than others but working with my animals and fair were the highlights of the summer every year. I have also had many roles as a volunteer, I can’t say which one I liked the best as I have loved them all. I loved being a volunteer with 4-H camp and with junior fair board. It was always so awesome to see the youth plan from the ground up for camp and fair and make it a huge success. I have learned so much from 4-H. I have learned about all of the projects, how to care for animals, how to show animals, but most importantly it taught me valuable life skills. Some of the life skills, I am most thankful for are responsibility, hard work, and people skills. I have also made some pretty amazing friends along the way. It is hard to believe that this is my 30th year! Time flies when you are having fun! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my kids, my club, and myself. If you are on the fence about joining or volunteering, I say go for it. Try it out! I promise you will not regret it. 4-H has something for everyone!

Valerie Peart, Madison County 4-H Alumni and Volunteer

When asked to write about being a 4-H volunteer my fist thoughts were of my time as a 4-Her.  Some of my best friends and memories are around 4-H, camp, junior fair board, and fair.  When my oldest daughter was five I heard about clover buds and signed up, the club we joined said sure, but we need an advisor.  That was 16 years ago and the next year we started our own club, the Prairie Raiders.  In 2006 we were all clover buds, this year, my son will graduate high school, it’s been a wonderful experience.

Volunteering with your kids and their friends with a program that I believe in so deeply has been just as rewarding to me as to the 4-Hers and their families.  There are so many programs available and as an advisor it is great to experience projects with the youth.  In our club we have had cooking, sewing, hogs, ducks, bees, woodworking, muskrat trapping and all things in between. It seems the ideas for a project are limited only by your imagination.

As a volunteer it has also been great to meet and work with other volunteers on the 4-H committee or in the extension office.  Each of us are committed to making the best better and let’s be honest, continuing to be a 4-Her is one of the best benefits to volunteering.

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