STEM Project Showcase 2020

STEM Projects include: Woodworking, Science Fun, Electricity, Knots, Tractors, etc.

Bicycling for Fun

Henry Drewes, Beginners to Winners – Outstanding

Finishing Up (Woodworking)

Garrett Vance, Clover Clippers – Outstanding, Outstanding Overall STEM Project

Magic of Electricity

Ross Gerckens, Clover Clippers –

Making the Cut (Woodworking)

Colton Willing, Fairfield Rascals – Outstanding

Measuring Up (Woodworking)

Collin Willing, Fairfield Rascals – Outstanding

Ivy Lewis, Eager Achievers – Honorable Mention

Nailing it Together (Woodworking)

Trenton Vance, Clover Clippers – Outstanding

Science Fun with Electricity

Olivia Buck, Mud Run Hustlers – Outstanding

Science Fun with Flight

Samual Haggy, Canaan Pathfinders – Outstanding

Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry

Gabriel Scholl, Gung Ho North – Outstanding

Starting Up: Getting to Know Your Tractor

Leah Stroup, Buckeye Rangers – Outstanding

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