Food and Nutrition Project Showcase 2020

Food and Nutrition Projects: The Ohio 4-H Food and Nutrition program helps develop knowledge, skills, and understanding of nutrition, menu planning, safe food handling, kitchen equipment safety, consumer knowledge, fitness, meal and time management, and food and nutrition-related careers.

Global Gourmet

Jacqui Lauer, County Conservation Club

Grill Master

Kyle Clemmons, Country Bunch – Honorable Mention

Let’s Start Cooking

Cheyenne Willing, Fairfield Rascals – Honorable Mention

Makenzi Reed, Clover Clippers – Outstanding

Chloe Garrett, Eager Achievers – Honorable Mention

Leah Roseberry, Clover Clippers – Outstanding

Pathways to Culinary Success

Beverly Kinateder, Double L II – Honorable Mention

Snack Attack

Gabriel Scholl, Gung Ho North – Honorable Mention

Sports Nutrition: Ready Set Go

Ashley Ogg, Clover Clippers – Honorable Mention

Yeast Breads on the Rise

Emma Hostetler, Everything Under the Sun – Outstanding

Marissa Osterloh, Country Bunch – Outstanding

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