Clothing and Textiles Project Showcase 2020

Clothing and Textile Projects: The Ohio 4-H clothing program helps develop
knowledge, skills, and understanding about clothing
appearance, buymanship, and construction.

Clothes for High School

Victoria Cavallaro, Clover Clippers – Outstanding

Clothing for Middle School

Taylor Golden, Hops and Flops – Outstanding

Sara Studebaker, Prairie Raiders – Outstanding

Aleithia Wilson, Town and Country Kids – Outstanding

Creative Costumes

Tabitha Bartoe, Monroe Winners – Honorable Mention

Designed by Me

Lily Studebaker, Prairie Raiders – Outstanding

Look Great for Less

Kate Slane, Buckeye Rangers – Outstanding


Sarah Green, Beginners to Winners – Outstanding

Sew Fun

Aayliah Hansen, Clover Clippers – Outstanding

Sundresses and Jumpers

Riley Cremeens, Fairfield Rascals – Outstanding

Sophia Hicks, Clover Clippers – Outstanding

Rachel Jackman, County Conservation Club – Outstanding

Terrific Tops

Lydia Roseberry, Clover Clippers – Outstanding

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