2019 4-H Annual Recognition Banquet Recap

The annual Madison County 4-H Banquet was held Sunday, December 9 with over 90 4-H members, parents and invited guests attending.

Fair Royalty, Queen Olivia Rinesmith, member of Fairfield Rascals 4-H Club; Callie Jenkins, Beef Ambassador and member of Born in the Barn 4-H Club; and Lillian Finke, Youth Ambassador and member of Born in a Barn, led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H Pledge.

Honor 4-H Members

In order to offer more recognition opportunities to all 4-H Members, a participation record sheet was developed for youth to keep track of their 4-H Activities and accomplishments. This award is broken into Gold, Silver, and Bronze 4-H Honor Members.

Youth present receiving awards were:

Bronze honor members present:

Cole Forrest, Town & Country Kids


 Silver honor members present are:

Mason Hermiller, Clover Clippers

Sydne Hermiller, Clover Clippers

Abby Hutson, Town & Country Kids

Dakota Hutson, Town & Country Kids

Janelle Marks, Mud Run Hustlers

Trenton Vance, Clover Clippers

Gold honor members present are:

Sophie Brand, Yes We Can

Maria Coulardot, Town & Country Kids

Gus Feliks, Beginners to Winners

Cody Forrest, Town & Country Kids

Ethan Guisinger, Jumpers & Flyers

Brooke Hermiller, Clover Clippers

Isabel Hiles, Country Bunch

Jacob Hiles, Country Bunch

Shea Huntington, Beginners to Winners

Will Huntington, Beginners to Winners

Zoe Hutson, Town & Country Kids

Callie Jenkins, Born in a Barn

Landon Mayabb, Helping Hands Happy Hearts

Zavier Mayabb, Helping Hands Happy Hearts

Skyler Mayabb, Helping Hands Happy Hearts

Olivia Rinesmith, Fairfield Rascals

Cade Smith, Helping Hands Happy Hearts

Hayes Smith, Helping Hands Happy Hearts

Will Smith, Canaan Pathfinders

Isaac Tipton, Yes We Can

Garrett Vance, Clover Clippers

Olivia Vance, Clover Clippers


Clover Bud Recognition

Clover Buds, ages 5-8, present to receive a small gift for completing a participation and activity form were: Edison Feliks from Beginners to Winners, Emily Guisinger from Jumpers & Flyers and Erin Guisinger from Jumpers & Flyers.





4-H Camp Recognition

Camp Counselors and staff were recognized for their camp planning and overseeing “Making a Splash at Madison County 4-H Camp” this past year.   Counselors present were Olivia Rinesmith, 4-H member of Fairfield Rascals; Cade Smith from Helping Hands Happy Hearts; Janelle Marks from Mud Run Hustlers; and Jacqui Lauer from County Conservation Club.  Adult volunteers present were Kevin Clemmons, Joel Buckland, and Roseann Harbage.


Clover Bud Camp volunteers were also recognized for helping plan and facilitate the Clover Bud Day Camp this past year. Those present were Annette Rinesmith, Ginny Johnson, and Shea Huntington.







Outstanding 4-H Members

Outstanding 4-H members are recognized for their care, hard work, energy and dedication. The youth recognized as outstanding 4-H members truly do everything that’s expected of them with a smile on their face. They are prime examples of what 4-H does for Youth in our County and are great representatives for the   4-H Program. These individuals truly go above & beyond the 4-H Motto, “To Make the Best Better”! The outstanding 4-H members for 2019 are:

Outstanding 4-H Member: Junior
Ethan Guisinger – Jumpers and Flyers

Maddox Cutlip – Helping Hands Happy Hearts

Outstanding 4-H Member: Intermediate

Thomas Herman – Helping Hands Happy Hearts

Outstanding 4-H Member: Senior

Olivia Rinesmith – Fairfield Rascals

Isaac Tipton – Yes We Can

Junior Fair Board Recognition

The Weldon Brown award is given in honor of the late Weldon Brown who was executive secretary of the SFB for many years and is awarded to JFB members who show outstanding leadership, reliability and dedication to the Junior Fair. This one-time award is presented to JFB members that have served as chairpersons of their division, have excellent attendance records to meetings and workdays and go that extra mile or hour to help make the Junior Fair possible. This year’s award recipient is Marissa Osterloh of the Country Bunch 4-H club.

Adult 4-H Volunteer Recognition

Volunteers present recognized for their years of service were:

Keisha Buckland, Helping Hands Happy Hearts – 1 Year

Dawn Mayabb , Helping Hands Happy Hearts – 1 Year

Jackie Bolin, Fairfield Rascals – 2 Years

Christen Rinehart, Born in a Barn – 2 Years

Joel Buckland, Helping Hands Happy Hearts – 3 Years

Heather Feliks, Beginners to Winners – 4 Years

Jodie Marks, Mud Run Hustlers – 4 Years

Emily Davis, Yes We Can – 5 Years

Gennie Davis, Yes We Can – 5 Years

Ginny Johnson, Green Range – 5 years

Elizabeth Finke, Born in a Barn – 6 years

Deetra Huntington, Beginners to Winners – 7 Years

Amy Forrest, Town and Country Kids – 8 Years

Jennifer Sweet, Helping Hands Happy Hearts, Dog Key Leader – 8 years

Julia Smith, Helping Hands Happy Hearts – 13 Years

Annette Rinesmith, Fairfield Rascals – 16 Years

Judy Gallimore, Helping Hands Happy Hearts – 22 Years

Heather Mayabb, Helping Hands Happy Hearts – 22 Years

Tamara Smith, Canaan Pathfinders – 25 Years

Clint Hutson, Town and Country Kids – 26 Years

Cheryl Clemmons, Country Bunch and Camp Staff – 27 Years

Kevin Clemmons, Country Bunch and Camp Staff – 27 Years

Robin Hutson, Town and Country Kids – 27 Years

Daphne Hedgecock, Clover Clippers – 31 Years

Holly Stockham, Canaan Pathfinders – 34 Years

Kevin Stockham, Canaan Pathfinders – 37 Years

Roseann Harbage, Clover Clippers – 41 Years

Pat Gallimore, Jumpers and Flyers – 43 years


4-H Volunteer Honor Award

A Volunteer Honor Award form was developed last year. As with the member honor award form, volunteers can fill out the form and receive additional recognition for their hard work and dedication to the 4-H program performing a wide variety of tasks at the club, county, state, national levels. Those volunteers that received this award include:

Joel Buckland , Helping Hands Happy Hearts
Keisha Buckland, Helping Hands Happy Hearts
Judy Gallimore, Helping Hands Happy Hearts
Roseann Harbage, Clover Clippers
Daphne Hedgecock, Clover Clippers
Deetra Huntington, Beginners to Winners
Heather Mayabb, Helping Hands Happy Hearts
Christen Rinehart, Born in a Barn
Tammy Smith, Canaan Pathfinders
Holly Stockham, Canaan Pathfinders
Kevin Stockham, Canaan Pathfinders
Jenny Sweet, Helping Hands Happy Hearts
Bridget Wilken, Helping Hands Happy Hearts
Julia Smith, Helping Hands Happy Hearts

4-H Honor Club Recognition

The Honor club award is an opportunity for clubs to determine their level of participation on the Club & County level by filling out a form that highlights various activities performed as a club this past year.  This year’s honor clubs were:

Beginners to Winners
Born in a Barn
Buckeye Rangers
Canaan Pathfinders
Clover Clippers
Fairfield Rascals
Helping Hands Happy Hearts
Jumpers & Flyers
LFS Riders
Mud Run Hustlers
Prairie Raiders
Town & Country Kids
Yes We Can

4-H Club Community Service Awards

The Community Service award was developed by the 4-H Advisory Committee to offer an opportunity for Clubs to receive recognition for outstanding service to the community. This year’s community service winners were:

Honorable Mention:    Jumpers and Flyers
3rd Place                    Fairfield Rascals
2nd Place                    Canaan Pathfinders
1st Place                     Helping Hands Happy Hearts

Madison County Friend of 4-H Award

This year we had 2 Friend of 4-H Awards:

Daphne Hedgecock was our first Friend of 4-H award recipient. She has been a dedicated volunteer for over 30 years. In addition to being a club advisor, she has served as a Clothing Key Leader for several years where she devoted her time and resources to helping kids complete their sewing and quilting projects each year. She also serves on the 4-H Advisory Committee. In addition to her many contributions to Madison County, she has also served at the state 4-H level as a Master Clothing educator and assist with State Fair project judging. She has been a crucial volunteer and has truly made a large impact on our 4-H members over the years.

The second Friend of 4-H award recipient was Annette Rinesmith. For the past 16 years, she has served as a club advisor, 4-H advisory committee, and wears many hats as she has assisted with numerous other 4-H events in the county. She is always welcoming to new and old faces and she is always willing to lend a helping hand when asked. She has impacted many lives as a volunteer, teacher, and friend and is crucial to our program here in Madison County.

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