Fairfield Rascals 4-H Meeting Minutes 3.31.19

Written by Ann Mathewson, Club Reporter

On Sunday March 31st at 6:00pm the Fairfield Rascals held a 4-H meeting at the Fairfield township hall. The U.S. pledge was led by Myles Guthrie and the 4-H pledge was led by Cooper Guthrie. The minutes were read and approved. The treasurer, heath, safety, and community service reports were given.

Demonstrations were given by Brooklyn Baker on a sheep haulter, and Noah Fellure on products.

The old business was about papers, remind app, and when sub forms were due and who to give them to. Then the club leader gave a reminder of dates.

The new business was on votes, supply and feed records, etc.  Then the meeting was ended.

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