The G.O.A.L.S. of the Honors & Scholars program are 5 different categories where its students strive to showcase and excel in.

G stands for Global Awareness which is an appreciation for diversity and respect for each individual’s unique differences. Students work on this category by taking classes with an international focus or by going abroad to study, volunteer, or research.  I have been showcasing global awareness in high school by being an officer for the model united nations club and teaching the novices about how to debate international issues. I plan to continue working on my global awareness by studying abroad and volunteering abroad at some point in college. I will also actively try to learn about different cultures by interacting and meeting people that have unique differences.

O stands for Original Inquiry which is the result of a student’s curiosity and has the students engaging in the research process by doing anywhere from in-class projects to independent endeavors in research labs across campus. To work on this category, I am currently a part of Dr. Randy Nelson’s circadian rhythms and sleep lab working on pancreatic cancer and how light exposure affects it. I plan to continue researching in the same lab for the next 4 years and to make the most out of it by making and presenting posters, going conferences, and publishing papers.

A stands for Academic Enrichment which is shown through the student’s academic excellence with a rigorous in class and outside class curriculum. I have already shown this by taking the most challenging classes during my four years of high school and maintaining a 4.0+ GPA. Furthermore, I engaged myself in clubs and competitions outside the coursework assigned to me. I am currently taking 18 credit hours and continue to do extracurricular outside of the classroom such as clubs, research, and volunteering. I will also be taking 18 credit hours next semester to continue to challenge myself.

L stands for Leadership Development which is the student’s ability to develop leadership skills and to showcase them both in the classroom and outside of the classroom. I have shown this by being at the top of all my classes and by actively helping my peers do better. Furthermore, I was the officer of the Model United Nations club in my high school. Currently, I am the outreach and communication lead for a volunteer and cultural organization on campus called Hindu Yuva and I recently got accepted as a Honors & Scholars ambassador. I will continue to apply for executive board positions in clubs, so that I could gain more leadership experience that will allow me to be more successful in the future.

S stands for Service Engagement which is the student’s willingness to help his own community without seeking anything back in return. I have been volunteering at the Riverside Methodist Hospital and the Martha Morehouse, helping guests and nurses around the hospital. I am also training to be a part of the American Red Cross First Aid Services Team, which is another great clinical volunteering opportunity. I also actively look for non-clinical volunteer activities and try to vary what I do. I will continue doing these activities for the remainder of the college, and I will also look for volunteer abroad opportunities that can combine both the Global Awareness and Service Engagement goals.

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