Stimuli from Craig & Richeson (2014, PsychSci)
The article manipulations for Studies 2 and 3 can be found here.

Stimuli from Craig & Richeson (2014, Political Psych)
Short articles for making the Arizona immigration law salient, an Israeli immigration policy salient, or an alleged Singaporean immigration law salient. [PDF]

Stimuli from Craig & Richeson (2012, JPSP)

Articles for making anti-Asian discrimination salient, anti-Hispanic discrimination salient, and the control condition article.  These articles are primarily adapted from the stimuli used in Study 2 of Major, Kaiser, O’Brien, & McCoy, 2007. [Anti-Asian discrimination] [Anti-Hispanic discrimination] [Control article]

Stimuli from Craig et al. (2012, PSPB)
The article for making sexism salient and the control condition article (these are quite similar to the JPSP materials). [Sexism article] [Control article]