About Me

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Year in Review

  1. Global Awareness:

I am a member of Ohio State’s Undergraduate Student Government and CCWA (Collegiate Council on World Affairs—OSU’s model UN). Through USG, I have interacted with people from many different backgrounds. I have been involved with many events that promote the cultural diversity of the student population including several diversity talks and our cultural kitchen events. In CCWA, we are constantly discussing world issues and educating ourselves as a diverse group of students. I am also looking forward to volunteering abroad; this goal is also related to my desire to work in the health care field. There are so many ways of understanding the world. I’d never find them all on my own, that’s why I am very interested in meeting and talking with different people. I am also looking into my own cultural heritage through Ohio State’s STEP program.

  1. Original Inquiry:

I worked for a semester in a psychology research lab analyzing threat analysis. It was a subject that I was interested in, but I found that it wasn’t the right fit for me. I became involved in several other laboratories; yet, I never found research to be wholly satisfying. Research appeals to my meticulous nature; however, I prefer to work in an environment that is more hands on. That is why I am looking to go into patient care rather than research. However, even though I am not involved in formalized research, I do a lot of discovery on my own. It may not be very impressive, but I am constantly searching for, reading about, and discovering topics that appeal to myself personally. My desire to understand is growing, and I’m very glad to be self-motivated in this respect.

  1. Academic Enrichment:

I chose biology as my major because it is one of the most flexible pre-health majors. I am pursuing a career in health care, and many of my course requirements are necessary prerequisites for graduate programs. I intend to take my undergraduate knowledge and apply it forward in meaningful ways that will impact people’s lives in the most fundamental areas. I am also taking several courses that appeal to my own academic and creative interests. Enrichment is not limited to certain areas of study, and I plan to cultivate my own passions through my GE, major, and elective course selection. I am also a member of several clubs on campus that support enrichment outside of the classroom, and I am currently a student in Ohio State’s STEP program.

  1. Leadership Development:

During my freshman year, I served as a floor representative for Lincoln tower. I talked with everyone on my floor about what was important to us, and then I shared this information with the RA which helped administration schedule events and approve projects. It sounds small, but it really helped me to learn to speak for a group. I am also a member of USG and am actively engaged in leading and providing service for the whole of the Ohio State community. I plan to continue a career in medicine into the United States Armed Services. I believe that my undergraduate experiences will help me become a strong, independent person who is able to stand for others.

  1. Service Engagement:

I am a member of Ohio State’s pre-med club. We are constantly engaging in service opportunities including volunteering at Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center. I also engage in simple activities like making cards for the sick, serving at local soup kitchens, and other events like clean up Columbus. I also went on two Buck-I-SERV trips to New York and Chicago. In New York, I volunteered at the Gay Men’s Health Crisis Center and learned more about helping the LGBTQ community. In Chicago, I engaged in different service activities at Misericordia. I also volunteer at the Cleveland Clinic when I am home for the summer. I’m a natural caregiver, and I try to do what I can for those who are less fortunate. I think that these experiences will help make me a better human being.


Global Awareness:

I am working toward the goal of Global Awareness in several ways. During my first semester, I have joined Ohio State’s Undergraduate Student Government. I serve as a member of the diversity inclusion committee and together we raise awareness for those who are being discriminated against; we have already held several discussions about international students and those of the LGBTQ community. I plan to continue my role in USG for all my undergraduate years. I have also become a member of the Collegiate Council on World Affairs, our Model UN. Each week we meet to discuss international issues and we occasionally have mock UN meetings revolving around certain international issues. I also plan to study abroad this semester in Nicaragua to learn about the aspects of international health care and to help patients abroad.

Original Inquiry:

This semester, I volunteered as a research assistant in a psychology lab. I assisted in organizing and analyzing data along with preforming several of the threat analysis experiments being run by the lab. I plan to pursue my own research topic within the next year. I am very interested in understanding deviant and abnormal behavior. I am currently a member of URO’s mentorship program and have attend several meetings on how to start your own, independent research.

Academic Enrichment:

I plan on enriching myself both inside and outside the classroom. I am currently on a pre-med track and am involved in rigorous academic coursework. I am very passionate about achievement and plan to do the very best I can. I am also a member of the pre-med club and the chess club which is intellectually stimulating without a lecture or an exam.
Leadership Development:

I am currently a floor representative of my dormitory. I work with my RA to schedule and hold events for my floor. I’m also the voice for our floor on where we think portions of our funds should be allocated. I am also a member of USG and help represent the entire student body. During my undergraduate years, I would like to prepare myself for my career, develop myself as a citizen of the world, and to give back to my Ohio State community.

Service Engagement:

I have already volunteered for several organizations on campus and plan to volunteer at the Wexner Medical Center next semester. I also plan to pursue  a career as a physician in the United States Air Force. I think this is a great way to give back to those who have given the most for our country.


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