Bio & Contact

My name is Kate T. Luong and I earned my doctoral degree in Communication from the Ohio State University. My latest CV is available for download here. My Google Scholar page is accessible here. My LinkedIn profile is accessible here.

My research interests include two broad areas.

First, my studies explore the role of the self in media processes, including media selection, processing, and effects. Within this line of inquiry, I am specifically interested in applying this body of theories and research to design communication solutions to address the issue of women’s under-representation in STEM fields.

Second, I propose and examine various message designs to overcome challenges in health, science, and environmental communication, primarily concerning audience resistance to disconfirming and self-threatening information. This line of inquiry produces applicable insights for communication-based behavioral change interventions.

My teaching focuses connecting communication theories & research with communication practices, both inside and outside of the classroom. My overarching goal is to help students see and understand the role of communication in their personal lives, in their future jobs, and in providing solutions to a variety of social issues at large.




Alternate email:

Address: 198 E Blake Ave, Columbus, OH 43202