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Personal Introduction

My name is Jingao Luo. I love to play video games with my friends and my favorite game is League of Legends. When I was young, my parents did not allow me to spend lots of time playing video games. They wanted me to read more books, preventing me away from games, but I more like the sense of competition in a team game than the pleasure of the mind by reading a book. I can balance the time between playing and learning, which I think is the best way to study efficiently. The League of Legends s10 Global Finals will be held in Shanghai! That is the most important thing for LOL players in China.


(Photo source:www.geichu.com)



Past Experience

I was graduated from No.7 high school in Chengdu, and my first time going to Chengdu was in 2014. At the beginning, I lived alone  there not having any friends and relatives, meeting the troubles in language, being too shy to say something in front of people and so on. But I overcame all these problems. I met so many nice friends, accompanying with me in weekends, which made me feel not so lonely. We played basketball, played ping-pong, and hang out to eat delicious food together. Because few of people still stay in school in weekends, I feel they were my relatives over there. That’s my a piece of interest precious experience.


(The picture was taken by me in my school playing basketball in the morning)


Why OSU?

The reason why I chose OSU is that I had a promise with my friend, hoping to study at a short distance. Then all of us were fortunately OSU admitted. And our majors were suitable in OSU. And for me, I had considered the geological situation over there. Its latitude is close to that of Beijing, so I can easily adapt to the climate there. I am major in mathematics now, because I think it’s a basic disciplines, and I am not sure what I will learn next year, all depending on what I exploring on my interest this year.

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