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Chengdu Tianfu Square

Chengdu Tianfu Square

My name is Chenxibo Luo, who major in mathematics in OSU and enjoy capturing the wonderful world with a camera. when I look back at the photo, I can remember all the amazing things I saw. I also like to collect exquisite picture albums taken by photographers from all over the world to learn how they use camera language to convey their feelings. Also, I like visiting galleries, especially paintings. I enjoy the walls filled with amazing art. I think it is a great way to express the artists and connect with others. They are so beautiful and stunning. Some of the best paintings can even make you reflect on your own life.

Hot pot

hot pot

I was born in Chengdu, which is a city in the southwest of China. I have spent most of my life in this friendly and hospitable city. There are various of delicious food in Chengdu. In China, there is even a special cuisine called Sichuan cuisine. It is famous for its spicy. I also have been to other countries and cities and taste local food. Tokyo left the deepest impression on me. It is the heart of Japanese culture there. Going to see different musicals and seeing all the local art was very cool. Their unique understanding of clothing and bold use of color. Let me see another interesting beauty.

I love the Ohio red.
I love the passion with which I say “O-H-I-O” out loud.
I love the inclusiveness of Ohio as the ocean.

I hope I can make friends with the same interests in my future college life. At the same time, I also hope my university campus is beautiful and has a long history, so I chose OSU without hesitation. I plan to study mathematics because this is what I have been interested in since childhood. I developed a fascination for math whenever I went to buy snacks with a small amount of chance I had. Math helped me manage my budget, set up schedules, and have a thought process when dealing with problems. I hope it can bring me more surprises.