French and Women’s Rights in the Middle East

French paper

I have had the pleasure of continuing my education in French here at Ohio State. During this time I have been able to greatly expand my knowledge on the French language and culture and I hope to use this knowledge when I study abroad my sophomore or junior year. I have enjoyed learning about various French speaking countries and their affairs in the world. This knowledge has carried over to the International Affairs Scholars and the many world issues and topics we discuss. I hope to use the French skills I have acquired for the rest of my life.

Encountering Contemporary Art

Us IS Them Response Paper

During my second semester of my freshman year, one class that I especially enjoyed taking was Encountering Contemporary Art, which is a requirement for the Studio Art minor. This class was mainly a forum for discussion over many themes of art, including identity, religion, place, and symbols. Being surrounded by a bunch of like minded thinkers was a fun experience and made me optimistic for my future in the art world. This paper was one of the few response papers I wrote after visiting many differing exhibits and collections during my second semester. This class has definitely shaped my way of thinking and viewing art and has brought me many great opportunities to see art from artists I would have otherwise never heard of.

Digital Imaging Self-Portrait


In my digital imaging class my second project dealt with the theme of self-portrait. My proposal for this project focused on how my childhood has shaped me to be the person I am today. It also dealt with my conflict over what my future in the art world will be. In this image I combined an original drawing of my own with the image of textbooks to convey my personal struggle over my future. I believe that this work strongly portrays my identity and “self-portrait”. I selected this piece for an artifact as I feel that it helps convey my character and personality. This piece also plays a strong role in my identity as an artist and will effect my future works.


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UN Millennium Goals

For the UN Millennium project the goal my group dealt with was primary education, with a specific focus on the achievement of the goal in the Middle East. Within my group, I researched the causes of the the problem in the Middle East which had led to the failure of the goal being met – the primary causes including war in the region, old religious values and sexism towards women. The information I gained from working on this project has greatly changed my perspective on education, especially since it is frequently taken for granted in the United States. I have also attained a new attitude towards these problems in the Middle East, notably due to the feminist issues within the region that have slowed the achievement of the education goal. I am glad to have had the opportunity to study the primary education goal and to inform others on its importance.

About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Allison Lunka and I am from a small town outside of Cleveland, Ohio. I am especially excited to be here at OSU to experience its enormity and diversity, which differ greatly from my hometown. Therefore, I look forward to participating in the International Affairs program, as I hope it will broaden my understanding of different cultures give me a glimpse of our diverse world. I am a hard worker, a driven learner and a quick thinker. Although I am currently undecided, I am positive that my first year experience will help submerse me in a field of study that I am passionate about.

Year in Review

My freshman year has shaped me and my professional career by bringing me many new experiences and allowing me to meet many diverse people. I have met many of my start of the year expectations including finding a major that fits my skill set and interests me. I am most excited to continue with my minor in Studio Art as the art classes I have taken have been my favorite from each semester. I have experienced a few setbacks during my freshman year; however, these setbacks have helped me choose a major and better understand what kind of learner I am. I am very excited to continue to pursue a major in Strategic Communication with a minor in Studio Art during my sophomore year and experience the amazing opportunities that this university has to offer.


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