Virtual Events

In 2021 we took advantage of modern technology to bring in performers and events not just from Columbus, but from all over the world! We have gathered here an array of some of the best performances to share with you!
Please click on the videos below and enjoy!

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Lion Dance
Compiled from various sources. Thanks to the original performers. 

Pipa: Dance of the Golden Ox 琵琶:金牛狂舞
Performer: Jia Li Mason 李佳(Indiana)

Chinese Calligraphy: Spring Festival Couplets 书法:写春联
Calligrapher: Guoqing LI 李国庆, Professor at The Ohio State University

Wushu: Chinese Broadsword 武术:中国剑
Performer: Michelle Huang (10 years old), Coach: Master Sen GAO 高森, Ohio Wushu Academy 俄州武术学院 

Guzheng: Carp’s Love 古筝:锦鲤抄
Performer: Joanna Li 李婧雯, Composer: Yin Lin

Dance: J2K Performance 
Performer: J2K Dance group at OSU

Paper Cut for Window Decoration at the Spring Festival 剪窗花
Paper Cut Master: Wenfeng (Luysa) Zhao 赵文凤
Paper cut is one of the most popular Chinese decorative folk arts. Traditionally paper cut is also called “Window blossoms” because they are put on windows for decoration during the Chinese New Year. There are different styles of paper cut in various areas in China.

Pipa: A Lovely Rose to You 琵琶:送你一朵玫瑰花
Pipa Performer: Xiaodong Wang王暁東 (Japan)
Keyboard Player: YOSHI Moto mii ko 吉元美意子 (Japan)

Song: Big Fish 歌曲:大鱼
Singer: Xinrui Wang 王欣睿 – the champion of Voice of OSU 
Organization: ECHO & CASA at OSU 

Wushu: Double Nine Session Chain Whip 武术:软双九节鞭
Performer: Master Sen GAO 高森
Ohio Wushu Academy 俄州武术学院

Dance: Black MAmba
Performers: DIVA Beijing and DIVA Shanghai
Organizer: DIVA, an OSU Chinese girl Dance Group

Music: Silk Road 丝路
Composers: : Zhou, Yu 周瑜,a young musician of Hunan Province, China
Performer: The Yu Musical Ensembles 瑜乐团 (China)

Sichuan Opera: Face Changing 川剧:变脸
Performer: Master Sen GAO 高森
Ohio Wushu Academy 俄州武术学院

Introduction to the Peking Opera Tunes 京剧曲牌
Performers: Zhengang XIE 谢振刚 (Erhu), Mei HU 胡梅(Yueqin) (Minnesota)
Active in cultural events. Contact: phone: 513-328-9831

NOTE – Music and imagery not owned by the CLLC and Ohio State University