I will commit myself to Global Awareness by remaining in active, civilized and productive discussions amongst colleagues and students I meet during and throughout the gamut of my studies throughout University, being sure to include a wide and diverse range of perspectives and backgrounds, such that I can affirm the culture that is spread from several hearths amongst people who have made great and enduring travels to attain an education to better prepare themselves to serve the world.

I will commit myself to Original Inquiry first by maintaining a longstanding habit of active reflection and journaling in private settings, as well as consistent revision and reflection upon my ideas and understanding of essential concepts for my philosophy, ideals, and knowledge in public settings. I will strive to ensure that whenever I adopt or take into further consideration a new idea, construct, or axiom, I always note or bear in mind its source, such that I recognize the role of a colleague or expert in introducing such concepts to his or her readership.

I will commit myself to Academic Enrichment, partly through proactive engagement within a diverse range of classes for my academic concentration, as well as to find Unity in Diversity (the reason which is often understood to be the reason why the Universities were established by the Greeks). But beyond the lecture halls and classroom, I will continue to advance towards scholastic excellence and experience in the literature I read independently, the independent learning and studies which I pursue beyond the demands of my classes, and hopefully the rise of abilities to undertake research projects and fellowships.

I will commit myself to Leadership Development, both in leading by example through every word and deed I carry out in the public eye and behind closed doors; as well as in serving offices for which I have been deemed strongly fit and capable of wielding powers for a greater good. Thus far, I have engaged with and will persist to strive for leadership in such areas as Buckeyes Raising Awareness in Neuroscience, as well as in Best Buddies.

I will commit myself to Service Engagement through a proactive and enduring level of participation in events within and beyond my major which allow me to attend to the growing needs of underserved individuals in areas and places near and far, to more deeply recognize the latent problems which exist amongst these populations and individuals, and to pronounce these problems to the public through my efforts of spreading awareness, through leadership extended in these efforts of service, and in rallying a movement to address those ills in active, dynamic, and innovative projects.