Undergrad Fisheries Workshop Announced for Summer 2022

NOAA’s National Sea Grant College Program is sponsoring an eight-day Great Lakes Fisheries Science Training (FST) workshop in

population and ecosystem dynamics, to be held during summer 2022. This workshop will introduce participants to the study of fisheries science and will explore careers in fisheries ecology, management, and conservation.

At the workshop, we will present a diverse group of participants with the foundational elements of fisheries ecology, management, and modeling in a manner that is engaging and accessible, regardless of the students’ ecological and quantitative background. We will explore how aquatic ecology and quantitative methods can be integrated and used to solve fisheries management problems. Finally, we will provide a robust view of careers in fisheries science and guidance on how to advance and become more confident and qualified when applying for both graduate and employment opportunities.

Application information and more details about the workshop can be found at the the Great Lakes FST page.