6th grade visit

A group of 6th graders from Indianola elementary visited our lab a few weeks ago and sent us thank you cards in return (although, admittedly, we had as much fun as they did). 
We talked with them about otoliths and what they can tell us about the fish species that we study. We use otoliths in many aspects of our work. Check out Research Integration and Synergies and Stock Discrimination and Population Connectivity to learn more.

We also showed them our ongoing experiment involving the impacts of hypoxia and climate change on cichlids. To learn more about that project, go here.

Finally, we gave them all a chance to walk in the shoes of an aquatic ecologist… quite literally. They donned waders, grabbed seines, and hit a local pond to check out the aquatic life. Based on the thank you’s, I think they enjoyed themselves… almost as much as we did.

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