Ludsin Lab at the Aquatic Ecology Laboratory

Dr. Stuart A. Ludsin

Aquatic Ecology Laboratory
Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology

My work seeks to identify the mechanisms that regulate the structure, function, and dynamics of aquatic ecosystems with a particular emphasis on understanding the impacts of human-driven change on fish populations and communities.

I have the great honor of acting as steward of a decades long research partnership between the Aquatic Ecology Lab (AEL) and Ohio Division of Wildlife (DOW). In this role I work with AEL and DOW researchers to answer questions in fisheries ecology and conservation in Lake Erie and Ohio’s inland lakes and reservoirs for the betterment of the state of fisheries science in the region and world.



I am currently seeking up to three graduate students to begin fall 2021. Click here for more information [pdf].

For information about opportunities to work with me as a graduate student, undergraduate, postdoctoral researcher, or research technician, please check out the Aquatic Ecology Lab opportunities page or email me directly.


Outreach is a guiding principle of my work since it paves the way for stewardship in the broader community. Science is not complete until we effectively share our findings, so we work hard to share ours with all parts of our community.

Check out that many ways that the Ludsin Lab seeks to share our research with the broader community on the Aquatic Ecology Lab outreach page.