The week of July 9, 2017

This week was a little different for me because my supervisor was on vacation. I was uncharge of updating the website, sending all the texts to our customers, taking pictures, answering the phone, making a power point for the sales team, and calling branches about hours. Although that seemed like a lot there was some down time before I would get the texts and call the branches so I spent time with the grain department helping them catch up from the grain rally last week. Prices went up for 11 days straight causing more customers to sell and that kept them busy so I helped enter some trucking information to help them catch up. I like learning about grain and how the market works. The printed final copy of the seed guide was shipped in this week so I will have a final copy when I come for my final review. I am learning a lot from Luckey Farmers and I all be sad to see my time here come to end when I head back to school in the fall.

The week of July 2, 2017

This week I got the final approval on the seed guide so it has been sent to the printer. Monday I finished the seed guide with everyones final edits. Wednesday I got prices from the printer and was able to send the seed guide into the  printer. On Thursday I updated the website, took care of condolence cards, and helped pick out winter caps. Today I am getting around everything that I need to do while my supervisor is on vacation. Next week I will be doing the daily jobs in the communications department but also spending time in grain marketing.

This is the part of the website I did this week:


The week of June 25

This week I was able to talk with United Suppliers and get the ads in the seed guide approved, and hopefully I will send the final seed guide to the printer on Monday. On Monday this week I finished the seed guide. Tuesday I took pictures for the weekly crop report. Wednesday I did one last spring of the seed guide. Thursday I wrote the news letter and fixed the text messaging program for a customer. Friday I spent the day in grain marketing to see what they do while helping put in trucking reports into the computer. I enjoyed having the ability to see what another department does. I learned a lot of new things this week and enjoyed learning about another department.

The Week of June 18, 2017

This week was a week full of editing, proofing, and more. Monday the printer employee came in to help me print without the pages being upside down, and I made copies for all employee’s to proof. Then I got all the edits back from Syngenta and I put the Liberty Link Logo’s in. Then on Tuesday my supervisor did the first proof and we worked on making changes to the wording of things, and setting up pages. Wednesday I worked on an ad for the Applebutter Fest. Then on Thursday I worked all day on formatting the seed guide. Today I have gotten the official okay on the seed guide and it is ready to be sent to the seed salesman to look at so they can approve all numbers. Once that is approved we will send the book to the printer next week.

The week of June 11, 2017

This week was a fun week where I was able to run the first color copy of the seed guide and send it to companies like Monsanto to check for logos and legals. Then on Tuesday I went to photograph a corn field for the website tracker. Tuesday I also got to see the seed depth key chains that I helped to design in person (we also lost ac this day and broke a record high of 96 degrees outside). Wednesday I fixed any mistakes that were found by the other companies when they reviewed the seed guide. On Thursday my supervisor had set up a print shop tour and I was able to go see how the printing process worked. On Friday I worked with a representative from a printing company to try and print the seed guide here in the office, it did not work, so she will be in Monday to help us.   

Week 5

This was a short week for me, because I spent Monday-Wednesday at the Ohio State Livestock Judging Camp as a Camp Counselor. However, on Thursday I was able to print my first copy of the seed guide and proof read it on paper, which made checking for errors much easier. Then today the seed sales manager looked at the seed guide for the first time on the big screen and approved my work. They want me to make small graph changes. Except for the small graph formatting change they approved everything and we will start sedning it out to other people for proof reading next week.

Week 4

This week I had the opportunity to do some different tasks than normal. Monday we had off for the holiday, but on Tuesday I had the opportunity to write two articles for the news letter. The first article was about Cedar Point tickets for customer appreciation. The second article was about the REACH Program and the kids tour of the Graytown Agronomy Center. On Wednesday I worked on the seed guide and and tried making different covers using indesign, photoshop, and illustrator. On Wednesday I also had the opportunity to sit in on another apparel meeting and help pick out hats that will go to the farmers. On Thursday I went to Graytown to meet with the Videographer while he interviewed employees for a video thats in the process of being made for the website. Today (Friday) I am spending most of the day entering charts and editing the seed guide and also helping design a cover for this months news letter. I have learned a lot this week and have had the opportunity to meet with more people in the marketing and communications industry.

Week Three

Week three of my internship has been exciting, because I am starting to do more things and take on more tasks. On Monday I worked on redoing my seed guide that I had lost. For lunch my supervisor and I went and talked to the companies promotional product specialist to go over the hand out merchandise we wanted to order. I got all the corn pages remade and by Tuesday after noon  I was caught back up. Tuesday morning I had the opportunity to talk to fifth graders from Woodmore Elementary and take them on a tour of the seed facilities in Graytown. The students had a lot of fun, and we even got to show them the drone. I have a passion for teaching students about agriculture and showing them what all we can do. We then talked to them about jobs in agriculture and of course I told them about CFAES. Then on Wednesday I finished the seed guides wheat section and started putting comparison graphs together. Thursday the hats we ordered came in and I put them in boxes to send out to different locations so all employees have a hat. I also picked out the picture that will be going on the seed depth gauge that all our agronomist will carry. Today, Friday, I am working on the seed guide and also looking at mugs that Luckey Farmers is considering to order for clients. This week has been great, and I cannot wait to see what next week has in store.


Week Two

Week two was a great week, because I got to meet more people. This week we got to work with CFAES extension for Ottawa County extension through Woodmore Schools. We went to real world real money and helped students learn how to budget money on a monthly pay check. This week I also continued to work on my seed guide, and when I went to hit save on my seed guide the entire thing disappeared because of a system error. I was so upset when this happened, but my supervisor said things like this happen all the time and to get use to it, which actually made me feel better about the situation. I am learning to work with indesign well, and my supervisor is awesome at helping me with any questions I have. Next week Woodmore third grade is coming to tour the main office and the seed plant. I am looking forward to spending a day teaching the future about agriculture. I am also hoping that restarting the seed guide will not be to painful!