Facilities and Capabilities

Device Characterization Lab

Karl Suss probe stations with a temperature controller






Lake Shore TTP4 Cryogenic Probe Station






Agilent 4142 spectrum analyzer

4156C semiconductor parameter analyzer

4284A LCR meter

DIVA D-265, etc. The system can perform DC, CV (20 Hz to 1 MHz), pulsed-IV (down to 200 ns),

Small signal (45 MHz to 50 GHz), noise ( up to 18 GHz), with 8510C network analyzer

Large signal load-pull (1.8 to 18 GHz) measurements, with Focus Microwave Automatic Load-Pull Tuners

N8975A noise receiver

Campus Labs

OSU Nanotech West Laboratory





OSU ECE Microelectronics Cleanroom Laboratory

OSU NanoSystems Laboratory

OSU Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS)