#InnovateOSU 2014: Highlights on Education and Technology via Twitter

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@InnovateOSU: My field changes so quickly, I can’t offer a print textbk. As soon as it could publish, it would be out of date. – Nicole Kraft


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@eileengr: attendance with twitter – student tweets 1 important comment based on the class — can’t just retween or send out the hashtag


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More info about who Nicole Kraft uses Twitter at this Washington Post link. Image links to website.


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@tresslertech: Intrinsic motivation psychological needs: autonomy, competence, relatedness


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@chamady: heard in a session at Innovate OSU: “The students get frustrated when we post course content in different places. They want it all in one.”


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@InnovateOSU: What if you need to edit your iBook? An updated copy of the iBook goes to the bookshelf, a notification goes to the book owners.


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@llease: “Video and audio – give it in 5 minute chunks. #getsmart. @Kerr63: Been in several Coursera courses with 20, 30 minutes single videos and longer. Ugh. Keep it short!”


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@Autumnm: Dealing with the tech in a non-tech class. Provide templates, plan time for training, take advantage of university resources.


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@jaychsiao: Designing online courses – medium: the web. Content: varied. Context: doing


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@TaraOSUTech: 60-70% of undergrads don’t buy all the textbooks for their courses each semester – Cable Green


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@pmeCbus: “When the marginal cost of sharing is $0, educators have an ethical obligation to share.” – Cable Green


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@InnovateOSU: for engaging discussions, don’t post a question. post an idea to support/dispute, a situation to respond to, a current event.


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@HowardSJ: Lecture capture doesn’t have to happen in classroom/office: could be a recording of subject-matter expert from distance#lcosu.


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@Innovate OSU: The value of podcasts: they’re portable, enable multitasking, build trust with listeners.


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@aarkae: The most shocking thing I heard at #InnovateOSU was that men should not fear make-up to be on camera. #onlinelearning





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