Artifact 2

This photo shows one of my favorite memories of my first semester at Ohio State, playing broomball. While I have been taking it slow getting involved on campus, broomball was one thing that I knew I wanted to do. I organized a team of about fourteen of my fellow first year Mount Scholars, and we were on our way. In our first game, we faced the best team in the league and lost 9-0. While that may sound devastating, we had such a blast trying out an unfamiliar sport and working together. We cheered loud and shared huge smiles and laughs during and after the game. This wasn’t going to be the most competitive team, but we would sure be competitive for the most spirited team. As the weeks went on, we continued to lose, but we only improved each game. This picture shows our team after our final game of the season. We lost in triple overtime to the other team of first year Mount Scholars, 1-0. It was by far the best broomball we had ever played, and I couldn’t have been prouder that we held them to only one goal, and not until the third overtime. For me, it isn’t about winning or losing, it’s how we played the game, and that was the best game of broomball I had ever seen my team play. My experience was not based on the success of my team, it was all about the journey and the good company, and this can apply to many other experiences in my college career.

Year in Review

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Global Awareness: In the next 18 months, I hope to travel outside of North America and complete service work. I would like to go on a Buck-I-Serv trip to Ghana to serve in the orphanage and school that Ohio State partners with there. I am also planning on taking a class on African civilization so I can better understand the history and lifestyle of African people and culture.

Original Inquiry: Through my course on child development, I hope to put my findings on motor development in early childhood into writing.

Academic Enrichment: I am looking for many ways to prepare myself for my future as a special educator, including through all of my coursework. Not only am I taking courses relevant to my major through required courses, but I am also finding ways to make my GE courses enriching to my experience. I am taking courses relevant to children, study abroad, and special needs.

Leadership Development: I have had a great deal of leadership experience this year through being a co-chair of the Mount Scholars Service Committee. This has involved not only leading a group of my peers to work together to plan the projects, but also to motivate the first-year class of 110 Mount scholars who participate in our service events.

Service Engagement: Through my involvement with the Service Committee, and my year of service, I have had the opportunity to serve various organizations, but one that continues to be prevalent is the Mid Ohio Food Bank. I have coordinated various service events with them, as well as serving at a food pantry which gets food from the Mid Ohio Food Bank, and organizing a fundraiser for them.


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One of my most meaningful moments of my first quarter at Ohio State was helping with a September Service event, the Gahanna Lincoln High School visit to Bowen House. The special education students from Gahanna Lincoln came to Bowen for a day of fun activities and engaging with college students. As a special education major, this event was right up my alley. I had the assignment of making flubber with the students, and although I was unsure of how it would go, we made two successful batches of flubber with happy and engaged students. I was able to use what I have already learned about special education to include all of the students, regardless of their abilities, so they could each contribute to the team project. This experience was so meaningful to me because I got to practice managing and teaching a group of students, and remember just how good it feels to lead students through a new activity. My joy is a result of the excitement and enthusiasm shown by the students, and it feels to good to facilitate an experience that boosts the mood of everyone involved. In addition to feeling good about my work with the service event, experiences like this reaffirm my belief that special education is the best career path for me. Not all of my peers would be comfortable leading an activity like this, but it comes so naturally to me, I know it is meant to be.

About Me

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