Educating Young Engineers

This artifact is the project that I volunteered at while in high school and then worked on in my Engineering Design and Development class for my entire senior year. Educating Young Engineers was established a couple years before I took over with a couple other classmates and has now been passed on since we have graduated. We spent the year designing and improving Saturday programs for kids kindergarten through 6th grade that involved multiple stations based around different engineering themes. We ran approximately one Saturday program a month for not only our school district but for different districts around us as well. Educating Young Engineers is something that I dedicated a significant amount of time on during my high school years and I’m proud of my contributions to it.

About Me

Hi my name is Sija Los. I’m from upstate New York which is about a nine hour drive from Columbus,Ohio. I have three sisters and a dog named Boo. I’m currently a physics major and plan to pick up a minor in business analytics. I worked in a Veterinary Hospital for almost all of my senior although I’m currently unsure what career path I want to pursue. In high school I was also a part of the XC and Track and Field team, Debate Club, Amnesty International Club, Best Buddies Club, and Educating Young Engineers.

Year in Review

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Global Awareness

To achieve this goal, I hope to have the opportunity to study abroad. I would prefer to have the opportunity to study for a whole semester however am not sure if this is possible. Therefore, I will take advantage of smaller study abroad opportunities such as ones over summer semesters or shorter, week-long opportunities.


Original Inquiry

To achieve the goal of original inquiry I plan to join clubs that offer a vast array of connections and opportunities that I can use to help find internships. I’m also going to try to develop a relationship with my professors. This way I can learn about their research, and if any of it sparks my interest, I could try to get involved.


Academic Enrichment

To achieve the goal of academic enrichment I will always strive to do the best I can in each of my classes. Although I currently hope to receive my MBA after receiving my undergraduate degree, I am majoring in physics with hopes that it will help me become a more conceptual thinker. I also plan to minor in business therefore I can be in a different area of study that appeals to me as well.


Leadership Development

To achieve the goal of leadership development I plan to join clubs in which I hold an interest. I hope to join Amnesty International, a club I was involved with in high school, and possibly eventually rise to a position within it. I also plan to join a sorority and to become heavily involved with the sororities philanthropy. Lastly, I can simply take leadership roles within the classroom or whenever working with groups.


Service Engagement

To achieve the goal of service engagement I plan to join clubs with a focus on service involvement. I can try to find service groups within the city of Columbus as well. At home, I was heavily involved with my church. I was a lecture and often participated in service opportunities through them. I hope to find a similar community here through a church.


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