Year in Review

This past year, I have grown a lot as an individual. I am so lucky I am able to attend a university that cares so much for its students. Starting with classes themselves, I have expanded my knowledge immensely. I have learned how to study and use the tutoring centers to help me. I have been able to decide what I would like to do with my career and feel confident about it. To expand with confidence, I have become more confident in myself. Whether it be of my abilities or of myself in general, I have grown into a better adult. Finally, I have met so many wonderful people. From my life long friends and amazing teachers, I wouldn’t have met anyone like them anywhere else.

This year has helped me discover who I am and who I want to be. My goals have shifted for the better and I am excited for the future. I can not wait for next semester to start and see what sophomore has to offer.