The honors & scholars G.O.A.L.S. serve as a guideline. I feel it is a great way to organize thoughts and review past, current, and future plans. I want to use this guideline to see how my plans fit with the honors & scholars ideals.

G: I have always had an appreciation for diversity. As a Spanish major, that is a part of what I am studying. I have traveled to Spain, and most recently to London, England. I feel that these experiences have given me the confidence and courage to be myself and has only made my want to learn grow. Knowing that I was not going to get much work with my Spanish at home this summer, I have gotten a job at the local Mexican restaurant to be around Spanish as much as possible. I also have a plan to spend a significant amount of time in the summer of 2017 in a foreign Hispanic country. I want to learn the culture and immerse myself in the language.

O: As a freshman, I began in high level Spanish courses. Because of this, I did struggle but because it is something I love, I put all my efforts into it. I spent a lot of time studying and in the tutoring center, along with time at Spanish club meetings to get more experience. I am expanding my knowledge outside of the classroom as well as in.

A: As a prospective teacher, I love kids and I love helping. With the Pen Pal program that honors & scholars began, I was able to write with two students of a local elementary school. It made the students so happy and they were able to practice their writing skills as well. Outside of OSU, I have helped my high school Spanish teacher for years. I love returning to the school and helping her with her classes.

L: Since my first day at OSU, I have gained so much confidence in myself. I am learning what I am capable of and starting towards my goals. I have been able to meet so many different people from down my dorm hall to workers in Columbus. i have been able to reach out and take the advantages that are offered such as attending sporting events and joining clubs. With confidence comes leadership. One is not afraid of their own ideas to make a difference. This, I have gained within the last year and will be able to apply it for the rest of my life.

S: Service is more than just going out and volunteering. Service can be done in everyday life. Just being kind and considerate helps the community. I always do my best to be that person. I try my best to help when I can and to make the people around me happy. A good morning to someone can make their day. One shouldn’t only provide service in one Saturday for a few hours. One should always be willing to help the people and things around them.

Honors & scholars is a great opportunity for students to be more than students. It’s a way to get them out there into the community while expanding their abilities. I enjoy being a part of honors & scholars and love all the opportunities that come with it.