At the beginning of Spring semester of 2016, my second semester at Ohio State, I was taking a Spanish composition course. Going in, I knew I wasn’t terrible at reading or writing in Spanish. I had always been ahead of everyone else in my past classes. However, when I started this course, I discovered quickly that I was going to have to do a lot of work. It was quite a challenge. I would spend hours reading compositions to make sure I understood them and spent plenty of time in the tutoring center with each one of my compositions.

I was very hard on myself and would get very down when I felt I wasn’t doing as well as I wanted. That only made me study more because it is something I am so passionate about and want to do well in. As the semester went on, my work began to improve. I became more confident in my writing. Proof of my improvement was shown in the course’s final project. All of our compositions are put together into a portfolio and as the file progresses, one is able to see the improvement throughout.

Therefore, this is why I have chosen my final portfolio as my artifact. It shows my progression through the beginning of my time here at OSU and determination I have for something I am passionate about.

Final portfolio 1