About Me

My name is Vanessa Lonigro. I am a student at The Ohio State University studying Spanish. I’m apart of the Architecture scholars because I have always had an interest in architecture and wanted to take part in activities across the campus and the city. I have a passion for what I am learning, therefore, I am deeply involved with my major. I am able to find ways to incorporate my Spanish major into the activities we do in our scholars group. While others may be looking at only the architecture aspect of it, I look at the cultural aspects within the architecture. Being apart of scholars opens new opportunities with volunteering as well. The services I take part in help the community through being better overall such as weeding community parks or making creations to raise money. My favorite volunteer activity I have been apart of has been writing to a pen-pal in a local elementary school. Overall, I plan to make the most of my time here at OSU to accomplish my future goals.