Freshman Year in Review

This last semester at Ohio State has been eye opening. I have learned a lot about the person I want to be. Ohio State has taught me how other cultures and people view the world that we live in. I have seen perspectives that I never considered and I feel like I have grown as a person. This past semester at Ohio State I have developed as a scholar, as a student, and as a person.

As a scholar, we have to partake in community service, professional development, and scholars events. I have made friends while learning about what being a scholar is all about. I have learned how to balance extracurriculars and academics. Volunteering at the ICU in the Veterinary Medical Center has been an amazing experience and I have learned a lot about how much comfort and just sitting with an animal can help them relax. It feels great to be a help to the animals and to devote my time. I have attended many professional events that only strengthen my drive to become a veterinarian. My goals and my dreams lie in that Veterinary Clinic and I cannot wait to be a part of the clinic.

Renderings of addition to the Veterinary Medical Center, 2014 (Provided by Ohio State Univ.)

 (Provided by Ohio State Univ.)

Being a student at Ohio State is not always easy; the classes are large and make it difficult to network and make those connections with other students and professors. I have learned how to put myself out there to make friends and make professional relations with administration. This is not something I had done before coming to Ohio State, and it took me a while to learn how to make these connections. Overcoming this barrier was difficult but made me a better person. I learned a lot about networking and how important it is for an Ohio State student to start networking early.

I have learned a lot about life and have matured since my time at Ohio State. I was a high school student from a small town in the country when I arrived and during my time at Ohio State I became part of a large city with buses and no car. It was challenging, but I would not trade these experiences and I do not regret coming to Ohio State. This is where I belong. I was meant to be a Buckeye and my time here has only reiterated that. The football games are amazing and I have never felt that camaraderie in a student section before. It can make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up when we sing Carmen Ohio together. img_3234

Being a buckeye is about more than academics. I am part of clubs, organizations, volunteer work, and I have made many friends. I am already looking into research and internships. After this first semester, I cannot wait for what Ohio State has to offer me the next three years. I have learned so much already and I want to learn so much more.


G-Global Awareness. I am going to Nicaragua in December to strengthen my global awareness. I also would like to attend the South Africa study abroad trip later in my undergraduate degree. I think that study abroad is going to help me see what life is like in other countries.

O-Original Inquiry. I plan on applying for the CFAES Summer Research Opportunity either this year or as a sophomore. I want to get involved in research, and then maybe as a junior or senior complete original research for Research with Distinction.

A-Academic Enrichment. I have enriched my college experience already by joining pre-vet club and the Ohio State Equestrian Team. These clubs have enriched my life by giving me a social experience at college.

L-Leadership Development. I plan on developing leadership by holding a leadership position in the biological science scholars organization, pre-vet club, or the Ohio State Equestrian Team. I like being a leader and talking in front of groups, but I would like to enhance my leadership skills.

S-Service Experience. I have started looking into service organizations that I can join next year. I would like to work with animals or medicine as part of my service engagement. Service is important to me and Ohio State offers so many outlets for service. It is hard to pick a club to join or an organization to complete service at.


Wilmington ISHA Horse Show


This is Lucy, the horse I rode during my 2nd class.

I attended my first ISHA Horse Show for the Ohio State Western Equestrian Team on September 18th. The show was held at Wilmington College. Wilmington College, Miami University, Ohio University, and Ohio State were the 4 colleges that were attending. I showed in two classes and got 2nd place each time. It is an honor to be a part of the Ohio State Equestrian Team. This club is a lot of fun to be a part of and I am very glad that I joined.


This is me riding Lucy in the 2nd show of the day.

IHSA shows are very different from the 4-H shows I attended in high school. The rider does not bring a horse, but rather draws a random horse the day of the show. The rider is not allowed to warm the horse up, but is only allowed to adjust their stirrups before going into the show ring. The anticipation of not knowing which horse I will get to ride makes it much more interesting than 4-H shows. In preparation for the horse shows, I ride at a lesson at least once a week at Autumn Rose Farms.


GOALS Essay with Actions In Depth

Becoming a veterinarian is a long and daunting process that can overwhelm even the most committed students. The goal of becoming a veterinarian has been with me ever since I was little, but I have matured throughout the years and started to reach for these goals. I worked for a professional dog trainer, was a member of the FFA, and took horses to the fair through 4-H. My past has shaped who I am and what I want to be in the future. My long term goal can be accomplished by breaking the process up into smaller goals for each undergraduate year I attend Ohio State.

For my freshman year, I set goals to be an active member in the Ohio State Pre-Veterinarian Club and the Ohio State Western Equestrian Team. I have already met some of these smaller goals and believe that these clubs are enriching my education here at Ohio State. Joining club’s freshman year is a great way to have leadership opportunities later in college and sets a student up for success. Pre-Vet Club is going to help me have the opportunity to volunteer at the Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center. I have started exploring my community service options by going to the Buckeye Community Service Day. I also plan on attending a research forum in the spring of my freshman year. A high GPA is a very important aspect of getting into the veterinary program at Ohio State. I plan on using office hours and learning to use other resources my freshman year to better prepare myself for exams. On campus, I need to become more involved with faculty to establish relationships for a letter of recommendation for veterinary school later on. Also, the faculty can give me great advice. Also, I will be going to Nicaragua on the FYE Study Abroad Trip that is in December. This is going to help strengthen my global awareness.

As a sophomore I will start volunteering regularly at a specific organization. I will also apply for a summer research project. Keeping my grades up will be crucial, as sophomore year I will be taking organic chemistry. I will also need to create a professional resume that is updated with all of my current information for when I apply for research. I would like to either have a job or shadow a veterinarian consistently throughout the year. This is extremely important since the average applicant into veterinary school has 1800 hours of veterinary experience.

My junior year I should have the opportunity to be in a leadership role in a club. I will need to gather recommendations from faculty, staff, and veterinarians. Test prep is also extremely important since I will need to take my GRE my junior year. I will also need to apply for veterinary school this year. My grades are still important and it is essential that I have the majority of my prerequisites done for veterinary school by this year. I would like to go to Africa for a month or experience a study abroad that is more long term than my week long Nicaragua trip as a freshman. I want to become engrossed in the culture and learn more about the people so that I can have a more well rounded global awareness.

Senior year is about preparing for my final application. I need to practice interview questions and attend mock interviews. I also need to meet with an advisor to ensure I am going to graduate on time.

I want to incorporate all of the GOALS of honors and scholars into my plan at Ohio State through summer research, study abroad, leading a club, being an active member in academic clubs, and being committed to community service. I want to make the most of college and these goals are important to me. I will use my motivation to be persistent and accomplish becoming a veterinarian.


img_2412 This is an image from when I attended The Ohio State Pre-Vet Camp. I learned how to do hand ties (bottom right), place simple sutures (top right), perform neuters on a cat (bottom left), and I made new friends in the process (top left). This was a great experience that helped me see the life veterinarians have and helped myself understand the reasons why I wanted to become a veterinarian.

Veterinarians not only treat sick animals, but they hold so many more positions than that on a daily basis. For example, they are emotional support to families that have just lost a pet, almost like a grief counselor. They run a business and are the leader of the clinic who assigns duties and can be the managers. Veterinarians are also educators who teach clients and help them understand their pets. Veterinarians are the pharmacists, surgeons, dentists, nutritionists, and behavioralist of the animal kingdom.

So why do I want to become a veterinarian?

If I could not be a veterinarian, I would never decide on a career. I want to be a teacher, grief counselor, business leader, pharmacist, surgeon, dentist, nutritionist, and a behavioralist. I not only have a passion for animals, but I want to help people. I watch my professors teach, and think how much I would enjoy being an educator. I have a meeting with my faculty advisor and think about how much I would like to help people reach their life goals. I want to help people who are grieving from loss, and I think about how I could enjoy a rewarding job in hospitality.

All of the aspects of being a veterinarian are aspects of my character that I can see helping me be a better veterinarian. I love all of the jobs associated with being a veterinarian, not just the part about treating sick animals. Part of who I am is not being any particular career but almost a combination of multiple careers. This is who I want to be- a veterinarian. Thank you to the Ohio State Veterinary Students who host the Pre-Vet Camp and helped me understand more about the profession I admire.

The Bio Science Wilds Adventure

img_3311The Wilds Adventure September 25th, 2016

This is about my trip to The Wilds with Biological Science Scholars and the different animals I had the opportunity to see. This program taught me about conservation efforts and how important it is to save these endangered species. Also, we talked to a zoo keeper that had some helpful insight about how to find your passion. He gave me the information to find available internships and was very helpful. Below is a link to a presentation about my trip and some of the interesting facts I learned about the animals.

The Wilds 2016 Adventure

About Me

img_1507Hello! My name is Sidney Long and I am a first-year student from Chatfield, Ohio. My goal at Ohio State is to attend The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine after obtaining my bachelors degree in Animal Bioscience with a minor in Chemistry. I was involved in many clubs and organizations when I attended Buckeye Central High School and will continue to be an involved student during my time here at Ohio State. I am currently a member of the Biological Sciences Scholars Program, Ohio State Western Equestrian Team, and the Ohio State Pre-Veterinarian Club. I have a passion for working with animals, and some of the ways I have developed my skills with animals include working for a professional dog trainer, taking Animal Science classes, volunteering at the local Humane Society, and helping 4-H members with their horse projects. Playing piano, reading, and riding my horse are all hobbies I enjoy during my free time. Feel free to contact me with any questions at my email address,