PreDeparture Post

As we prepare to depart take a moment and add your first post below.  Some possible ideas to blog about could include the following… What are you most excited to see? What reservations you may have?  What you plan to do on your free day?  What you want to gain from the trip?  Is there a food/cultural experience you’re excited to try? Or any other topic you’d like to explore.  Remember, you may also add to other’s posts to start a dialog.

In addition to contributing to the site, use this first post as a means to navigate through the blog and learn how to use it.

Welcome to London!


Welcome to the London Architecture Study Abroad site!  We will utilize this site to blog about the trip, share our experiences, and reflect about London’s architecture, culture, and people.  You are encouraged to explore all possible mediums including text, photos, videos, sketches and other devices that capture your time while abroad.  Enjoy and explore!