Post-London Adventure


London was non-stop and filled with culture and once in a lifetime experiences. These experiences were shared with twenty new friends that will have a lasting bond. On this trip I saw, did, and tried new things that I would have not done on my own traveling through England. For example the British tea in the National Gallery, I drink my fair share of my own as well as my neighbor’s tea and ate one of the best scones I have ever had before. And it was really nice to have a reason for all of us to get dressed up for the classy event. I also would have never thought to go to the markets on my own. Just because you wouldn’t think to do all of your shopping and amazing food in a local market where I’m from. Local places such as that are replaced by Wal-Mart’s and shopping centers, but I loved that experience and wish I could bring it to my local hometown. 


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