Missing London!!!!


After arriving home and adjusting back to normal life all I can think about is the next time I’ll be able to go back London! The entire experience was so incredibly amazing especially since it was my first time abroad.  Being able to go on this trip was the experience of a life time and what made it even better was the group of people I got to share that experience with! We as a class seemed to bond from the beginning and it was so great to have such a gos group of people around you when you were in such an unfamiliar place, I would not have wanted it any other way!

One thought on “Missing London!!!!

  1. I feel exactly the same way. I have been “planning” trips to go back with several of my friends to show them some of the amazing places we visited while we were over. Whether or not any of them will follow through I cannot say, but I hope they know that I am serious about going back sometime. I cannot wait to return. It was my first time abroad as well, and the group we had was perfect for that experience. Everybody was so nice and we all got along great. I never felt excluded from the group and I think the feeling was universal. It was just an amazing trip all around.

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