What’s Blooming!!

Can it be? Is that a bee buzzing and flowers blooming? Yes, the beautiful English countryside was dotted yellow by trumpet daffodils, wild hyacinth and amongst other things a few remaining crocus. Cherry trees and magnolia trees are also beginning to burst open their swollen buds. I spotted a handful of snow drops hanging on to their petals but the majority had passed. The earliest rhododendrons were beginning to put on their spring show displaying deep reds and soft pinks. Cyclamen was in abundance planted in pots and window boxes along the streets and also in the understory of parks where it was thriving in the mild English climate. Also blooming now are flowering quince in an array of whites, oranges, pinks and reds. Perhaps my favorite would be the camellia with its perfect round flower and striking stamens. I also spotted some viburnum, pieris, primrose, and even a few roses. It was a lovely time to visit!


Cherry treeimageRhododendron

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  1. I loved being able to see all the flower blooming. I kept thinking about how Aimee told us before the trip that in the past trips they would come back to Spring in Columbus, and we pretty much did! I really needed to see all the colorful plants and blue skies while we were in London. I was getting depressed by all the snow and grey skies in Columbus. I think visiting Kew Gardens, Stourhead Gardens, and Hyde Park were highlights of my trip because of all the colorful plants we saw. I also enjoyed being in nature while we sketched. It made me feel so relaxed and I needed it after we walked so much day in and day out!
    Ashley Hofmaster

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