The London Eye

The London Eye was a wonderful experience to do and witness at sunset. Being able to view the city from yet another view above the city as if we were floating above the Thames River. It was neat to be able to look down and see where we had walked the whole week around parliament and the river. After this experience Rachael, Shelby and I went to the Shard Lounge to get yet another perspective of the city from above. Ive now had on this trip three experiences of viewing the city from above including the top of St. Paul’s dome.


One thought on “The London Eye

  1. I agree that the London Eye was a great experience. From our space on the Eye, we had multiple vantage points of the city of London as we moved in a circle along the path. Riding the Eye during sunset provided a beautiful background against the London skyline. Also, from this vantage point I was able to get a different view of the city than from other buildings such as St. Paul’s. The Eye was a nice way to end that day, showing how everything we visited during the day relates to each other. The Eye is definitely an iconic piece in London’s skyline.

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